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i agree that getting 2 kick drums is just for show. If you are looking to save money, start there, and get a single kick drum with a double pedal.

Yamaha and Pacific Drums make good stuff on the lower end of the spectrum. Personally, i like those products over Pearl. I can't stand the tone of the cheaper Pearl sets, but that is just me

don't forget to pay LOTS of attention to the size of the drums you are buying... for metal style, you are going to want deeper, bigger shells

i would advise you to buy used equipment-- I would ALWAYS rather buy a better SOUNDING and better QUALITY used kit over a new kit that doesn't sound as good. If you can get a 1300 dollar kit for 800, it will sound A HELL OF A LOT BETTER than a 800 dollar brand new kit.

Also, any "artist signature" piece of equipment is just marked up so they can charge you more for the same thing in a different color.

Sound quality is what will make you happy at the end of the day. Buy used so you can upgrade to better tonal quality.
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