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Well i have mixed feelings about it

Some days i just love it and some days i want to get rid of it. But i think it's more of a volume issue, it does not really sound good below 2 on that master volume really, and i can't play that loud every day

I played it for an hour today on volume 3 or so and dialed it in pretty good! I loved the tone and when i tried swapping guitars the tone was still really awesome without any tweaking really, it just became a tad different which was cool. I marked my settings with a green marker on the face plate so i won't forget them if someone fucks around with it

There's a very fine line between too little and too much on this amp's EQ and all the controls affect the others in some way or another.. Also the very subtle darkening of the amp worked really well, it removed some of the chansaw-like gain and put more of a lion's roar in it (the difference is subtle but it's there) Right now the balance between a palm mute and a normal fretted note is very nice and they kind of both just jump out of you but in different ways, and the midrange and stuff is really nice and everything just feels like how it should be. Sounds like a really expensive rig.. Like a Framus Cobra or something (at least what I've heard on record of it). The high end might need a tiny tiny bit more tweaking, but i managed to get it less ear-piercing without becoming too dull. I need to fine tweak the balance between the presence and treble controls, i will get there soon!

Shame though, next time I'll probably play it at low volume and think it sucks.. my opinion varies from day to day but the volume i can turn it up to also varies quite a lot from day to day

Maybe it would be good for me to get a power brake or hotplate or something? Those things are expensive though and I'm pretty broke atm :/
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