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Might be getting another kit, suggestions please.

I was thinking of getting another kit.
The kit I'm looking for should be something like an 7-8 piece kit, double bass. And, since I allready have kits from before, I'm really thinking about the price. I'm looking for something kinda cheap. Not cheap as in like 20$ but cheap for a kit at that size. Now I don't really need überexpencive rainforest woodshells put together by trained children from Africa, I just want another set. Also, I'm probably gonna use a lot of money on my home studio in the upcoming months, so that's one of the reasons that I can't spend to much money.

The set does not have be new, I can buy a used one, too.

Yes, I've looked at many kits (expecially the Joey Jordison Limited Edition Export Kit (no, I'm NOT saying I love Slipknot, but it's a nice kit)), but I just want to hear what you have to suggest.
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