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Originally Posted by drawn&quartered
dont you have to buy a mod or some extra electronics for it also?

basically my trigger cost me 40 best site around for cheap stuff, check the price of eliminators!

back to the subject, i have had a yamaha dtxpress for a few years now, i just use the brain from that. alot of people use the alexis brain due to the retro electric sound it gives. ebay them, not too badly priced, a mic can work as a trigger as well but obviously its not as responsive as a sensor on the head itself. also triggers are so easy to make. buy a thing called a pieso element, it is used in buzzers and stuff like that. i got 5 of the things with loose change i was carrying at the time. loads of tutorials on building electric drums and triggers are online.

after playing a gig a few weeks ago i had a perfect bass sound without triggers. but how often is it that people play gigs in unsigned bands where the sound guys actually give a shit about what the drums sound like?
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