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yo im new 2 the forums

yo guys im new to these forums, i hate introducing my self but i will do, im from scarboro, in england, im into any music that is fast and agressive, i like grind and death metal most out of all the genres im into, i have been drumming just over a year and im currently strugling my way thro grade 6 book, i have a pearl export kit 6 peice with sabian paiste and pearl cymbal! cheers 4 listening to me, if u want reply with ur details so i know who u r, if any of u use tabcrawler im mullet of death and if u want it my email is
metal \m/ fuck yeah!
__________________ electronic shit noise current band bad recordings and drum machines mosh mosh mosh old band grill that fucking piss, nintendo grind with guitars and shouting.

and if you like stupid videos

too many myspaces there for ones liking but fuck it everyone else uses and i do need my cool points.
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