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Originally Posted by JoeYngVai
I have to agree with the above post by tmfreak for most banjo I've heard.

However, this may counter that a bit:

This guy's taken banjo to a VERY different level.

This video is just fun (but not funny):

I watched another video that is closer up to his hands so i could look at his stuff. I was wondering how in the hell could somebody go through speed picking runs so fast on a banjo (because of the way you pick the strings there is no way you could do it that fast without playing it like a guitar) But again like i said before the banjo is set up so easy to play for people who don't konw music such that it allows you to go from string to string and not be nearly as distant on the fret board as say a guitar.

Being that the tuning is set up so that allthe notes in 1 scale require playing from the low string to the high string and only 2 (and in some cases 1) notes are on a string. So what that allows is you to smoothly flow through the octave range without much effort. (now going higher than the single ocatave is much much harder)
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