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Originally Posted by nomad
On the 7th of April 2007 we have received a take-down notice from our ISP. NMPA lawyers contacted them claiming that the tabs on infringe upon their copyright and demanding to remove the tabs. We complied to avoid being sued.

Shortly after the tabs were taken down, we started directly contacting bands and their labels, asking for their permission to post tablature. Our attempt to legalise the tabs is very successful so far. The vast majority of bands and labels that replied gave us their permission. Many of them complimented the work we are doing and wished best of luck with the website.

In the coming weeks we will re-open MetalTabs. We will not have as many tabs as we used to have but 100% of them will be legal and the number of tabs will increase as we receive more replies from bands and labels.

Thank you for your continuing support and patience!

Fuck NMPA that will show those stupid fucking batards good job victory is ours ha ha ha
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