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Fucking idiots. Pure fucking self justified idiots. Sadly America is one of the only places in the world that people like this are tolerated openly. They are protected by rules as long as they play by the same rules. They have the same rights as everyone else and can openly hate, organize, and demonstrate.

What I think is hilarious is that Jews, blacks, homosexuals, and other nationals provide and protect the rights for these groups to openly express hate while an extremest hate member is rejected. I have never seen many KKK or Nazi kids make it much farther than boot camp in the US military. Most are faced with a truth they can not accept. The USA is a giant melting pot of cultures, filled with people different than themselves that they have to work with. Some of those people can learn faster, and perform better than first thought. The ideal of the master race becomes clearly false. Race, ethnic, or nationality has nothing to do with real strength. America is about an ideal and it's the people that fight for those ideals who have the real strength. The US military will not accept any individual that doesn't know all humans are equal.

All this being said... Go Navy.
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