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Just got back from Pops.

Fucking loved the show. The awesomeness of tonight has definitely balanced out with the big disappointment Ozzfest was. I even thought the opening bands were good.

Red Chord wasn't playing, though. They had apparently stopped touring or something. Anyway, they were replaced with a local band, Rusted Skin. Good opening band.

Next was Psyopus. Great.

Then Job for a Cowboy. Awesome.

Cannibal Corpse made my night. Best ever performance. I was out of breath from screaming so much. I've never headbanged so hard for any band I've seen. Would have even gotten in the pit, but everytime I thought about it, some big guy would walk in and I would be like, "Shit, man, he's gonna eat me." haha.

Keep checking for new crap.

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