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Originally Posted by SmotPoker
That kicks ass! Tickets are $30~ through Ticket Master though. Anyone else heard Dimmu's new album yet? Its not bad, it seams a little mediocre at first but it really grows on you.

My tickets were only $22 through eTix. And about the new album, I, in a way, love it, (been into it a lot lately,) although, it's not so much symphonic black metal. It's more of just extreme symphonic metal. Which, I think it could be because Hellhammer like, never (that I recall of) does blastbeats. I personally think Nick Barker fits Dimmu's style better.

Btw, the show was absolute pwnage. Great stage show as well. When they played The Serpentine Offering, Hellhammer did an extended solo, which went into The Chosen Legacy after about a minute and a half. After the show, I shook his hand twice when he was shaking the fan's hands. And then we hung around afterwards a little bit and I got to meet Silenoz. 'Twas quite great.
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