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sh1t son.

Ok my story-

We walk out the door and one of my friends ask my other friend if he had the tickets, and he forgot them in his room. He went up and got them. Close call! Well we are driving, so far we know where we're going. We stop to get gas and some food. Our route went from Ohio, West Virginia, then to Penn. We get into Pittsburgh and then the bad part of the trip starts. We drive around FOREVER trying to find this damn venue. The driver was recently at this exact venue the week before. We stopped at 6-7 as stations trying to find directions. At one point we ask someone where Millvale was and they say with a smile on their face "Millvale? Thats like an hour away!" Asshole knew we we're close. Eventually we roll through the ghetto (LOL) We get to the last station we stop at and at this point we KNEW we were going to miss PsyOpus, the first band. Well some random lady told us where to go. She was very helpful, we find our way and we get their in time to sea 4 or 5 Job For A Cowboy songs. We got in there and found a spot then rock the fuck out for a bit then on the last song we jump into the pit and fuck some people up. We all stayed away from this big ass Rino looking motherfucker though. JFAC kicked ass!!! They were fucking amazing live. The drummer threw his sticks out into the crowd, we couldnt get one though. Next up was The Red Chord. Another great performance. They got the crowd chanting WHAT THE FUCK over and over again. It was great. They were pretty brutal. THEN all of a sudden this drummer throws his sticks too, and my friend caught one!! SCORE!!! The final band was none other than Cannibal Corpse. I tried to get as close to the stage as i could. It was crowded as fuck, everyone wanted to get up front. The pit got going and we jumped in. Pushed some people around. My knees were so stiff from standing all day. As promised, Cannibal Corpse brought the fucking place down. They ended the show with Hammer Smashed Face. Everyone flipped the fuck out. After that, Alex Webster was shaking and slapping hands with the crowd, i reached up and shook his hand, SCORE! Then Corpsegrinder came over and was slapping hands, he slapped my hand, another score! This night was fucking brutal. I got me a Corpse t-shirt. I wore it to school the next day. At one pojnt someone shouted somthing and Corpsegrinder said "go to a Six Feet Under show for that!" and then said somthing like "we dont do pussy stuff here" If another Tabber was there, correct me if im wrong on EXACTLY what said.

This shit was insane.

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