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Originally Posted by McCalister999
I may be wrong, but for the price of putting 4 decent speakers into a cab you could probably get a used cab (one that doesn't suck) for equal or lesser price. I guess it depends on what speakers you plan on getting.

Well if u read 2 posts up you'll see I bought 4 nice eminence bass/loudspeakers rated @350watts a opposed to the 240watt crap ones that came WITH the cab........

The problem here is that I've already once RETURNED this cab for another for the same problem..........and then this time around TWO speakers broke into pieces .....the 30-60 day exchange thru guitar center is past due....which means I'd have to go thru BEHRINGER......why wait months for the same crap......

The CAB ITSELF is very NICE....built very well and had great volume......its just the damn speakers seem like they're attached to the outer edge with Elmers glue and EASILY come hopefully these Eminence 350 watt speakers/non aluminum loud speakers will hold me over..........were talkin 1400 watts handling total........which I'm running thru only my Yamaha 500w digital head and thru my ESP's active EMG pickups

I should be receiving and installing them this week and ill put em to the test.....and let u guys know how they do

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