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Originally Posted by aFarewelltoKings
dude dont judge all aluminum speakers on the shit Behringer ones.Play a Hartke and you will see.

Oh no way man....def wasn't meanin it like was pretty much towards the inexpensive Behringer alum cones...........I heard bad stuff about they're alum cones.......they really are built like crap

I'm SURE the Hartke ones are WAY better but I needed a good loud 4x10 cab on a budget and the Hartkes were too much for me

Either way I copped me 4 nice Eminence bass/loudspeakers rated @350 watts a piece..non aluminum......still waiting on em.....hopefully they do the trick......spent about 300 for 4 of them which is what I paid for that damn hopefully I get my moneys worth.....I shall soon see
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