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Originally Posted by Musician1978
I actually ended up putting an Aquarian Super Kick II for the batter and an Evans EQ3 for the resonant and all I can say is: Holy crap!! What a difference from the stock heads!! I may try the Aquarians on the rest of the heads. Since I use the bass drum the most, I figured I would upgrade that one first.

superkick 2s are super nice but come with a super price, if i had the cash id get one probably, on my toms i use evans g2s so id recomend those or if you do choose aquarians get the response 2s my old house mate had some and they were lovely and deep yet still perfectly in tune. im not very good when it comes to heads, only the bass and snare have been changed in the last 2 years. since i use triggers, cheap nasty single ply bass drum heads are the way forward for me. if you want a bass drum lovely and loud maybe try not using any padding at all. if im right the aquarian head you have should have plenty of dampening on the back of the batter head, maybe duck tape some tissue to the back of the resonant. you should find you`l get a range of sounds dependant on how hard you hit.
as for heels up and down go heels up all the way for double bass, unless you trigger the bass drum heels down wont come through at all in gig situation. heels up is also far better for being able to keep going, heels down the front of the leg hurts after 30 secs or so, heels up can be done for a lot longer before pain/tiring.
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