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Mine doesn't have an overload of gain, but definitely has enough, more than I would use in a practical setting. Most of it find from 8-10 on the knob, and I usually run mine a hair over 9. I notice between 9 and 10 there is more of a noticeable increase in the gain as opposed to the increases between the other positions.

If its any help, these are my settings, on a fully functional (1988ish blue series) SS-140c through a 300w Ampeg SS-412 cab with whatever Celestions they came with (GT-12 75s?)

Channel 1 (Distortion): Gain 9 1/3, Bass 6 1/2, Mid 7, High 8
Channel 2 (Clean): Gain 4, Bass 6, Mids 7, High 8, bright switch off.

I apologize in advance if these settings sound like shit, but they're working well for me. I know nobody cares about the clean setting but I figured I'd include it anyway. If you roll back the mids to 4 or 5 and the high around 6 on Channel 1 it will give you more of a Dying Fetus/Suffocation tone.

If I could get something besides dial up, and had a working soundcard, I'd record a good sample and upload it. If you want to hear a really rough recording of it at a band practice, check out the link in my signature. Sounds better in person but u can hear it definitely does have distortion.
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