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I always got tired of having to hook my guitar into the back of the comp. (through the mic jack on the soundcard, so after looking around found Creative Lab's Live! Drive IR, where you can simply hook any instrument/headphones in through the front of the comp. Also the software that comes with Live! Drive IR has excellent clean and vocal effects (not good for distortion though).

Magix Music Studio Generation makes Window's audio recording software look like kids toys. You can record up to 16 tracks, edit, sample/resample, add effects, and more. I purchased it at Best Buy for about $50 and it's definately worth the price.

My Current Setup For Audio Recording:

Windows XP Pro.
Creative Live Drive IR (Hardware)
Magix Music Studio Generator 6 (software)
Yamaha CD Burner
ESP F205 (bass)
Zoom 505 (bass pedal)
Marlboro Lights & lighter
Guitar Cords
Coffee Table (to set the computer on)
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