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Originally Posted by Adam_T
whored out by media label or whatever? lol.... for 400 THOUSAND of their plays, they were self promoters/4 out of 5 of them were still in high school/and they weren't signed (even by a small indie label) <---they did everything themselves. just a little FYI.

Doesn't matter how many plays they've had on Myspace, if they still essentially suck. They're death metal for your highschool cheerleading squad. I'm not just talking shit, I heard their songs on their Myspace, they're horrible. "Let's put a slow part here to be brutal" typical garbage going on nowadays.

It's good that Cannibal Corpse are touring with this lineup. Just gives them more exposure and helps people to see for themselves and decide if they want to investigate death metal further or just stick with what's popular and easily accessible.

EDIT : Psyopus is off the freaking wall. Only weak thing about them is the vocalist.
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