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You posted,

Originally Posted by Infinity
Vikings are gay.

and then

Originally Posted by Infinity
Noone likes murderers, thieves, rapists or the navy. But roll them into one and call it a viking and everyone loves it.

I just wanted some logical input from you about Vikings being gay. Seeing as Australia is the prison man love capital of the world that shared many of your stated qualities of what a Viking constitutes; you were the source of viking knowledge. Perhaps my opinion of Australia is wrong, just as your opinion of the US is wrong. I think if you had a brain that wasn't driven by your balls or self assumed righteous Aussie nature to just fucking argue you might be able to give a clear statement. Instead you just have to bring up old shit between us and avoid the issue. I dropped the old pricking at you so be a man leave the pass dead between us. Face the now, Infinity.

EDIT: Btw, I'm a US Sailor, not a US Marine, and I wouldn't ever beat you up unless protecting myself, yourself, or others. I'm sorry I ever implied I would just to hurt you. I was angry with you at the time.
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