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Your stupidity.

[edit] - I'd just like to point out that in every single argument we have ever had, you have failed to raise a single valid point, and because you run your mouth without thinking things through, each argument always ends up with you raving on about how victorious in life you are and your totally awesome high paying job which I don't give a fuck about, while telling me how much of a punk I am. Beg to differ? So to cut to the chase [because I know once again you have no valid points and are an unskilled debater] I don't care about your job, I don't care about your wife, I know you know you a streetpunk when you see one, I don't care about your boring life with wife and kids, I'm 17 years old and I'm having fun [unlike you obviously considering you have a wife, a dog and two[?] kids yet spend hours on an internet forum. Go back to your family and job before you get owned on the internet again.

I also really don't care if you could kick my arse in real life either, which seems to be something else you pride yourself on, a marine kicking the arse of a 17 year old kid. That's brave.

Now shut the fuck up.
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