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I've been reading a lot of stuff from Zecharia Sitchin. Essentially it's all about Assyrian, Babylonian/Mesopotamian mythology. Supposed to be the earliest highly advanced civilization, predating Egyptians and the Greeks, and from which many many cultures like Judeo-christian and Islam have borrowed heavily from, not just in their studies in mathematics and advanced form of writing that evolved into our current alphabet, but also in mythology. Ie: The story of Noa's ark is thought to have derived from a babylonian story that explained the giant deluge that occurred thousands of years ago, as well as the Bible's explanation of how and in what order did plants come into being is also detailed EXACTLY like it appears in Sumerian texts. A lot of the mystery behind the Sumerian(formerly known as Akkadian) civilization is that in a lot of their texts such as deeds, marriages, and land sale/trade, etc. they always make reference or homage to the 12 gods, which are never expressly indicated if they were actually present and human-like or if it was just a figurative manner of speech(also the number 12 is of HUGE importance in all indoeuropean culture, eg: our calendar, 12 greek supreme gods, astronomy, etc.). Some of their texts imply that human life on earth was imported from elsewhere, which is interesting because the Sumerians were a HUGE leap, with rich culture, complex buildings, advanced science and medicine, which was a HUGE and unpredicted social evolutionary leap from all the previous human activity predating the Sumerians. There was never any gradual ascent into the level of civilization they had, they just emerged out of nowhere.

Sounds like a big mess? If you find it interesting I suggest you pick up Zecharia Sitchin's "The 12th Planet", followed by some of his other works, but the 12th planet will keep you entertained for a long time, I'm rereading it for like the 4th time now, so much info to digest.
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