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Some new ones

I haven't posted here in a while, but just as a reminder that I know the titles have nothing to do with the songs, and they don't rhyme and don't seem to flow.that's because they're Grindcore/Mathy-Hardcore (for fans of The Locust, Pig Destroyer, that shite) and they don't have to...Their only point in existing is to leave an impression after someone's read it, and not to just be another set of generic shit no one cares about.

No Mr. Smith, I Will Not Join Your Cult

The schizophrenic thought on who the next victim would be
Glancing into the freezer to survey the previous day's catch
What was that? A knock at the door? Grinning, he thought to himself
"Jehovah's Witnesses do all the work for me"

The Electroencephalogram That Changed My Life

"Oh My God", she cried by my side
The crash left me a mangled wreck
In shock, the pain coarsing through my veins
I'd give my left leg to just be with her longer

When I woke up in the E.R.
I had...

The Jailbait That Stole My Heart

Your headless body smiles back at me
Like you know something went wrong
Where did I slip up?
These gloves concealed all involvement
The ten marks on your neck
Like ten vices pressed into god's fallen grace

No, No, shh
I whispered to the red caked slice of your throat
Blood bubbling over and dripping on the floor
Breaking the silence and reflection
Much like your garroted neck
After I winked and said goodbye

Sorry, Did I Kill You? Hold On While I Call Johnny Cochran

My World was set ablaze
When you looked into these eyes and spoke
These strings cry out your name
Forget him, don't deny what you know is true
I treat you like you wish he would
You told me that once when you where in my arms.

That last one's true...anyway, I'm really not a sick fuck, most of the stuff I talk about are just extrended metaphors made to leave people a little uneasy after reading them. Whether I succeeded or not, we may never know, haha. Well thanks for your time reading it if you did. Opinions are welcomed

"As Horrifying as Being Raped by a Grizzly Bear in Front of a Full Body Mirror" one of my many song titles
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