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Originally Posted by sixsicsix
dont you have a warmoth bass? I was thinking about getting one made with a LP body.
You think they could rout it for a kahler trem instead of a hipshot trem?
just askin

I have a warmoth jazz, a warmoth/fender jazz and now a Guild Pilot. Pilots originally sold for close to $1K now you can get them on e-bay for under $300. They were made famous in the eighties by Marc "Animal" Mendoza of Twisted Sister and some guy named Jaco. Now they are forgotten. Great fast necks on them. I bought it for a fun new project ( if you're curious) that requires downtuning and the 80's retro look doesn't hurt.

Anyway, Warmoth is particular about what they will and won't do. But they are nice to work with - just give them a call and ask. They went out of their way to route room for a DiMarzio X2N-B to fit under the pickguard of the jazz body I ordered from them. It seems they will do what they can for you.
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