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Replacment 4x10 speakers...where to buy?>

guys ive been using a 4x10 Behringer 1000 watt cab for maybe 4 months now on/off for studio practice...........ive always heard bad shit about aluminum cones and didnt want them in the first place but got a good deal on the cab...either way it sounded pretty decent...maybe a bit rumbly at times but loud enuff

anyways ive ALREADY had to return this cab once before cuz 1 of my speakers just shattered around the edges .......the aluminum cones are built so cheaply they come apart rather easy from the speaker housing last night i blew the 2 TOP speakers...they cracked and seperated around the edges......

im playing thru the Yamaha Digital 500W bass head into that 1000w, im NOT gonna exchange this for another one i just want to swap the speakers to something good and NON aluminum.......just want some clean, loud no frills bass

the speakers are 4ohm and 240watts each..........can anyone recomend good speakers i can swap into my cab?....or a good place i can find some good replacement bass amp speakers? is much appreciated


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