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Recording guitar into your computer

This thread is about recording your guitar into your PC, it's a commmonly asked question,i've merged the threads together, here you go.
here's one resource that shows you how to do it:
the guy hasn't updated that page in a long time, maybe we can email him and pester him for the lessons

but the barebones equipment you need to get started is:

an adapter which accepts a 1/4" mono plug (to accept your guitar cord) and fits 1/8" plug (for the input into your soundcard).
here's an example:
(doesn't have to be gold by the way, that's just an example)

recording software to record the sound. something like Cakewalk or something. everybody has Windows sound recorder on their computer, but that sucks ass for recording.

so the connection is :

guitar->cord->adapter->line-in or mic input in soundcard

that's a pretty crappy deal, you don't have any distortion for your brutal metal sound

so then you add a distortion pedal

guitar->cord->distortion pedal or effects pedal->cord->adapter->soundcard

still that's a crappy deal, it sounds bad, most of us don't have super good soundcards.

you need something to shape the sound before and/or after the sound gets into the soundcard:

the line-out of your amp
an E.Q pedal
shaping the sound after your record with Cool Edit or something.

and here comes the more expensive choices:
a pre-amp
line6 guitarport (this works very well)
mic-ing your amp with a nice instrument mic, like a Shure SM57, and after that you'd probably have to run that mic thru a mixer or mic pre-amp

so there you go.
the following are suggestions from other threads.
I suck at guitar.
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