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Well, it looks like we need to give nomad all the support we can right now, i mean i don't think me makes 1 cent from the tabs, and that hes a hobbyist like the rest of us. and he faces financial bull shit with this whole thing, IF shit actually hits the fan for him.

Myself, i have been using tabs for years to help understand the guitar, and without nomad keeping the dream of playing a guitar alive, then i would not be were i am in my musical level. So, I'll try to ask a few people around here who are in some contact with bands like misery index, neuraxis, fuck the facts... and see if they can lend a note to their record companies like relapse and what not.

The only advise i can give right now, is when you google "metaltabs" you see a list of letter below the first link:

Band S, M, D, and A.

This means they must be the most looked at letters for tabs. "S" has a few "popular bands" like slayer, "M" Megadeth is the first that pops into my head (dont mean to start a " OMG dave mustaine is an ass grabbing money lord", but this MIGHT be one main issue to look at.) D, Death, Deicide, Dying fetus. and dimmu are the bigger ones. and well you get the idea. I would start there and work your way down the list (im 99.9% sure nomad is doing this). But i think if you were to send an email to chuck's mom she might lend a hand, hell she always have "support chuck, go see this tribute band in "insert country here", and im sure she would get her webmaster to throw something up online and hope others see it and catch on, i mean... what better way to remember her son, then learn the music he wanted others to love. also, if you have a myspace account, there are TONES of guitarist that we all love on there, and im sure if you messaged them the would see it faster then through their webmaster or record label.

anyways. I really hope this blows over, and we get back to having a well stocked tab site again. and that nomad does not loose $ over this.

*awaits criticism*
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