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i remember them looking at me yeah, this guy is a fucking nutcase. i had the wig and dress with me after i took that shit off, for some reason i minded enough to carry that shit back to the party since i had borrowed them.

i was shithoused, in my underwear.............yelling and screaming for justice. in the magistrates office i kept on swearing<i was seriously out of my mind then>and the dude behind the glass said something like"if you are gonna yell at me, if are gonna curse at me, im not gonna help you. you are obviously drunk and you should just go home.....just...go....home!"

i wasnt even really banged up the next day. i definately was punched and kicked while i was on the ground, i really dont remember exactly what happened in terms of the fighting...........i most likely didnt hit him once.......put up little to no resistance.
I fought for world titles in boxing, karate, I fought bar wars, street corners, most everything living and half the stuff dead,ainít nobody bad, I know, I looked.......
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