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Originally Posted by low-tech
to be serious, i got my ass kicked a few time before i quit drinking.

id get blackout drunk and start fights..........and lose.

this was 6 years ago when i lived in charlottesville VA, my friend organized this race called the "drag race".

basically downtown c-ville has a strip thats like a brickroad plaza where there is no cars, no traffic allowed, all bars and giftshops on each side of the street. so this race entailed running down this street to at least 6 bars and taking a shot at each one till you get to the finish.......dressed in drag.

so there was like 20 of us doing this race

i got in at like.....7th place.......but my roomate won the race and recieved a bottle of wild turkey.

i ended up drinking most of this bottle.

this is where shit gets wierd. i ended up having to arm-over-shoulder walk this dude with a broken leg<he had a full leg cast> back to some party, i had never seen the dude before and had never seen him since..........the dude needs to take a piss so.......i lean him up against this courtyard table in front of a really nice restuarant/bar........dude takes a leak.

the owner comes out and slugs the broken legged dude a few times and whopped his ass. i start talking shit and the owner guy absolutely kicks the everloving shit out of me. some fat, over the hill, yuppie asshole totally reign victorious over me.

i strip off the dress im wearing and go at him again.........same result, got fucking folded. cops arrive as well as some friends..........the cops laugh at me and tell me to go home or get locked up. i say i want to file a report on this guy, press charges.........they tell me to go around the corner to the magistrates office.............i go with these friends.........get there and scream at the magistrate the other cops, laughs at me and tells me to fuck off......

i walk back to the party in my underwear.......the party had already reached that slobbery....pass out on the kitchen floor phase/cozy up against the shitter after vomitus phase.....i just find a couch and pass out.

total fucking anguish.......holy fucking shit.

thats probably the most stunning defeat i ever experienced in my life.

Holy shit The cops just laughed at you!!!? LMAO! I would give up drinking after that myself.
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