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Originally Posted by matterthief
I've had my Guild with the heavies on it (.110 RotoSounds) now for over a week. I had it set up for D standard tuning with passive/active SD Basslines and a Bartolini board.

There is a definite improvement in responsiveness with the heavies over the medium gauge. It doesn't feel near as "slinky" as downtuning medium strings from E. Definitely more tension as you said. Being setup specifically for D is a big help too. I notice the difference in feel but I haven't been blistering. That's because there is still a lack of tension from being tuned down to D. If I had heavies set for 'E' I would definitely feel it.

The sound is fatter too - the open D a real earthshaker!

dont you have a warmoth bass? I was thinking about getting one made with a LP body.
You think they could rout it for a kahler trem instead of a hipshot trem?
just askin
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