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Originally Posted by christianiastheshit
I haven't seen Decapitated yet, but Necrophagist is awesome live. They were tight as fuck in Toronto on their tour with CC and Fetus.

Are you basing your opinion on a bad experience or just a general dislike for the band?

Believe it or not, I like both bands. I'm not one to condemn Necrophagist for being overly technical, or whatever.

Originally Posted by Death By Monkeys
I saw Necrophagist a few weeks ago, and they sounded nearly perfect. Don't believe the lies!

They're certainly very tight, but they're kinda boring. No stage presence whatsoever.

Originally Posted by SmotPoker
Have you seen either of these bands live? you tube videos dont count.

I just saw Necrophagist at the california metal fest and they kicked ass.

I've seen 'em both, otherwise I wouldn't have made the comment. I saw Necrophagist with Dying Fetus in Novemeber, and Decapitated with Suffocation soon thereafter. As I mentioned above, Necrophagist played extremely tight, but they lack stage presense. Conversely, Decapitated just plain sucked when I saw 'em live. I dunno if they were drunk or something, but their timing was way off, and they were missing notes left and right.

Again, I'm a fan of both bands, so this comes from personal experience, not any sort of stupid vendetta against 'em, as I like 'em both.
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