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Originally Posted by aFarewelltoKings
I have never been in a true fight but a little bit ago some kid ran up on me while i was sitting down and punched me in the face.Busted my lip a little but nothing bad.Then the next fucking day he said he whooped my ass? Do you think i received a "ass whoopin"?

Oh yeah dont be embarrased i wanna know if anyone else has been in serious fights/gotten ass "kicked" so discuss

thats assault brotha. if you are indeed incapable of defending yourself from such attacks ( its nothing to be embarrassed about, some people are just bigger than others), i'd say drop the dime and call the fuzz if you have to. that being said, i can guarantee that if you pop this kid in the mouth the next time he gives you shit, he will leave you alone from then on (i doubt the guy who gave low-tech shit would harrass him again after being pelted by bagels). that was definitely a big time pussy move sucker punching you like that.if all else fails just give xgrafcorex a couple of tall boys and have him follow you around. hes a rough little fucker.
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