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Originally Posted by Sycophant
4) What if I want to use two cabs?

Most SS amp heads like the GX-130 or the VH140c are rated minimum 4 ohms a side. If we'd want to use two cabs with them, we'd need to get two regular 8 ohm cabs because two 8 ohm cabs together makes a 4 ohm load to the amp. We would not need them to be stereo because we've got cables going from each side (left + right) into each of the two cabs' single input.

This does not make sence to me.

If each output (4 outputs in total) on my Crate GX-130C is 4 ohms would'nt I want one left output of 4 ohms going to a 4 ohm cab and the right output of 4 ohms going to the 4 ohm second cab?

Why 8 ohm cabs when each output (1 left and 1 right) is only 4 ohms?

If I was using 2 left outputs that would be 8 ohms and if I was usings 2 right outputs that would be 8 ohms but if I was only using 1 of each (1 left and 1 right output) that wold only be 4 ohms each.....this has got to be right.

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