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Oh no people i don't know and will never meet don't like me isn't that a shame.

If you don't like "neo classical" or "tech" at least write something constructive

Imo Necrophagist are pretty good but despite every song being different, it does tend to get repetitive in terms of writing style.

Some bands like Necrophagist are Without passion, from a second story window and i dno maybe anomalous? Emphasis on the word "like" as no band has cloned necrophagist (yet)

Also infinity "neo classical" is nowhere near as boring as 99% of black metal bands 99% of death metal bands 99% of grind bands, that are all clones of each other and never try anything new, you should be thankful that some bands are actually experimenting and sticking out from the crowd and if you don't like it you can go back to your music that has countless clones and is nothing special.
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