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Originally Posted by powersofterror
Goooooood question. I did my final in 18th century counterpoint on a Bach fugue.

A fugue is an imitative, contrapuntal (adj. form of the word counterpoint by the way) piece where each voice comes in one after the other. As soon as all the voices enter, a sequence starts....and depending on what the composer wants, do more sequesnces and restate the fugue subject for the end. A fugue is not a cannon.

Gimmi some time and I'll post up the midi version of my finial in the next day or maybe late tonight. Hahhaa, we had musicians play them all at the end of the semester, and mine was like a fucking funeral march. instrumentation was euphonium, oboe, french horn, and trumpet--and the french horn took his part down an octave. You're gonna love it....

Wow. That sounds more metal than burning down a fucking church! I'm extremely excited and can't wait to hear it! Thanks for answering the question. I've written a few bars of counterpoint since my last post. I kinda don't like's weird...The left hand (written in piano) isn't doing straight quarters, halfs, etc. It's really random, while the right hand is straight 8th notes. Whichever. I'll work more with it. Hopefully I'll come up with something cool.
Db Dim 7 b9
So that would be...Db Fb Abb Cbb Ebb.
Fuckin' crazy...
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