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Originally Posted by Soulinsane
Are you picking at me? You little fucking hypocrite! You like to talk about thread stalking and believing everyone here is out to "get you" somehow, but then you pull some shit like this. You must be mildly retarded.

Isn't bullshit awesome?

Originally Posted by Soulinsane
Leave it in the RTT. I only fuck with you there so please show some intelligence, respect, and a since of humor. I got no real beef with you, get it? If you take shit this serious then you have to be borderline EMO.

Lol borderline emo. Narrow minded bullshit median based statement there man, nice way to be a halfwit.

Originally Posted by Soulinsane
But since you want a Bar BQ'

I gave a suggestion in this thread, so piss on you for calling me a mod. What judgment do I or you have to pass on this forum? I know a punk fuck like you when I see it. What good do you have here anyway? All you do is insult others with juvenile comments, think you own the GPC threads, and tattle on people from other sites? I think you suck AndrewC's asshole. He was banned and was forced to leave here with Homo stamped everywhere on his way out. Tell him I said that too. Both of you have to squat to piss you're such fucking bitches. How does that make you feel. I really want to hear how it is to be fucking dirt like you. I really do! It is all you will ever be. It makes me sad you have to try and be such a hard ass all the time. What the hell are you proving? I used to actually like you. What the fuck happened to you or am I just wasting my time with asking?

BTW: If we lived closer I might one day teach your ass

A suggestion? Nice suggestion arsehole. What use do I have on this site? About the same as you apparently because you just described yourself to a fucken T. What does Andy have to do with any of this? Grasping at straws to come up with something once more? You're wasting your time definately, because I never thought your drunken arse was cool, you've always been a fucking boring lifed pathetic washout. I'm happy being 17, having friends and a job, going out, socialising, and doing things that 17 year olds do. I have a life, something you may have heard of. A social life.

Oh and you'd teach my arse? What are you an arse doctor? What will you teach it? Math? 1 fart plus 1 fart = 2 farts? You're a fucking idiot. You're arguing with a 17 year old, trying to prove how dominant you are and frankly I don't care about how successful you are. How many times must you bring your career up, you boring, whipped, wasted life. Is your career your life? Is your career the only thing you care about? Have you taken a single risk in your life? Are you human? No, you're fucking pathetic.

Oh, and to take that teach my arse thing as the expression it is, wow, I really really sincerely hope you feel GREAT for being able to beat up on a 17 year old kid you fucking hardass.
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