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Originally Posted by northerndragon
do you think you can go a little more in depth with this? like explain what cadences are, how they are used and be a little more detailed in your description of the cadences? that would be highly appreciated. thanks

He pretty much went as in depth as one can go when it comes to cadences. There's nothing more anyone can really add.

There's two more cadences that I can think of, and one of them is the deceptive cadence.
The Deceptive Cadence is V- ?. The piece builds up to the V, then when the ear expects to hear the I, it instead goes to another chord, most of the time that chord being a vi.

The other cadence is the leading-tone Imperfect Authentic Cadence. What this is, it's an inverted V7 to I. The other way this can be accomplished is a vii (dim) to I.
Db Dim 7 b9
So that would be...Db Fb Abb Cbb Ebb.
Fuckin' crazy...
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