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Originally Posted by powersofterror
hahah, are they general counterpoint classes, or do they pertain to a specific era of history? If that's the case, it should be a lot easier. I took two class--16th century counterpoint and 18th century counterpoint--and they were very easy to pass.

On the other hand, you should try taking some Form Analysis and Harmonic Analysis courses from the 3 and 4 thousand level (advanced) courses. Those two are hard......I believe I've made a thread about it here before asking for help that I could only get from John, who's great at math.

They actually have classes on Counterpoint? Ha ha. That's fuckin' insane. I've read up on some of the rules of counterpoint, and it's pretty excessive. Is there any courses on Bach's Fugues? Speaking of Fugues, what makes a Fugue a Fugue?
Db Dim 7 b9
So that would be...Db Fb Abb Cbb Ebb.
Fuckin' crazy...
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