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Originally Posted by Def
I'de like to see what UG does, I've been a mod there for years and Eugeny (the owner) will definetly take it up.
Let's first see what happens there. Does anyone know of any record of previous legal battles between tab websites and these guys?

These guys are like organised crime. And organisation of rich fucks afraid to lose a bit of money on their copyrighted songs. Just look at their personal profiles, what a bunch of wankers.

Yes I do, got shut down but it had ALOT more tabs, and ALLLOOOOT bigger forum, all the tabo members where making there own tab sites and forums, but everyone just kinda got bored, and after a while, everyone just kinda gave up ya know? thats why me and a few others from taborama came to this site, but now this ones down? I mean come the fuck on.
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