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Originally Posted by tmfreak
How am i an asshole?

haha i took what you said the wrong way man my bad, i thought you were being a smart ass lmao...

Anyway ok let me play internet lawyer since i'll be a lawyer a couple of years from now here it goes:

Copyright - Copyright is a set of exclusive rights regulating the use of a particular expression of an idea or information. At its most general, it is literally "the right to copy" an original creation. In most cases, these rights are of limited duration. The symbol for copyright is ©, and in some jurisdictions may alternatively be written as either (c) or (C).

Also by reading this piece of information it may expand your brain a little to the reality of copyright Right Here :
10 Myths About Copyright this information is correct.

Also read this is you still don't feel refreshed enough on the information already given. Intellectual Property Law

As you can see "particular expression"(Wikki, Copyright)...from this what comes to mind about an expression? Lets see painting, songs, and o yea someones guitar work. A lot of individuals thoughts process's proclaim, "Hey anyone can make that up its our instrument, and we tabbed it by ear". Well it doesn't work that way especially considering that the bands name, their albums, and their songs are listed on the website. Even though you tabbed it out "by ear" you still ripped the idea off the bands copyrighted song. Therefore infringing upon a copyright that exist in our commodity of a world.

There is away around this(half ass way). There are three rules in which you can infringe upon a copyright with the law on your side. However, two in particular stand out in this situation, "The Amount and substantiality of the portion used."(Radcliffe, Fair Use). You can use small riffs as an example to show individuals how a certain piece goes . Take the following for example:

Tuning Drop B
Riff 1 - Machine Head "The Blood The Sweat The Tears"
Machine Head © 1999

This example of Machine Heads song is perfectly legal if your using it without getting an economic gain from it.(Money if your an idiot) Therefore the courts would find the above "FAIR USE" of someone else's copyright.

The other rule is "Must not incur and economic loss"(my old law book), this rule is a bit tricky considering how the music industry is, this could either work with them or against them. First off this rule will more and likely work for them considering their filthy fucking rich and can higher lawyers better than Johnny Cochran and hell if he got O.J off where fucked. A lot of individuals go "All bands don't have tab books". Still what if the music industry released them in the future? That could be definitely used as a defense in any trail, if the case made it that far. It's a two sided sword for one the band doesn't have any tab books; but then the music industry would just go, "Hey where releasing them". Guess what tho even with this little piece of information they still hold the copyright to the song.

I don't support the shit don't get me wrong. I mean without the free tabs on the internet i doubt i would have ever picked up a guitar. Especially considering the location i live in, bum fucking Egypt where you can get a Tim McGraw tab book before Pantera. If you really don't like it say fuck it and call your congressman in your state, if you live in the U.S. that is. Congress makes the laws enough people call, and guess what you have congress men pushing for a law to protect tablature.(and no way in hell enough people would call)
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