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Originally Posted by Pr0az
your an asshole sometimes..he was merely sharing his sorrowful state. I still love you tho .

How am i an asshole? I was completely feeling his plight as well as everybody else that has put time an effort to creating tablatures by ear and the NMPA and others claiming they have no rights them. Thats complete bullshit. It's utter ridiculous that you can't produce something "based off of" something else and not have the rights to your own production.

And JOAM you're about half right.

And proaz thats not the point. I pointed that out to you last night and your "warez website." Just because you have it listed as one thing doesn't make it the truth nor credible in any sense of the word. What about those shitty tabs that you come across that are not even remotely right? Shoudl these people be fined and thrown in jail for spreading this around?
Originally Posted by Darko
...Its very annoying to keep having to hear some socially-disabled teen come on these boards talking about all the drugs he's started doing so that he can maybe grasp onto some kind of positive response so he feels better about himself and what he's doing.
About requiem. Aint it the truth...
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