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What I was trying to say is that the NMPA seems to be obsessing over – what IMO are – imaginary losses. They seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that a free product creates an artificial demand for said product – a demand that is very likely to vanish as soon as someone comes out with the brilliant idea to impose a price on it.

Yes, it’s would be naive to think that no one will ever choose to download a bunch of tabs for free instead of buying a book (especially when the tabs have been copied directly from the book ! – now that’s lame…), but it’s equally naive to think that every time someone downloads a tab off the net this person would have actually bought it had he/she been forced to choose between 1- paying for it or 2- reserve the money for something else.

I feel exactly the same way regarding P2P and songs; there is just no way I would have paid for every song/tab/book I got for free on the net, and in almost every case I simply wouldn’t have known about the artists and/or wouldn’t have cared at all about them, when now I do. Besides, I find that what I get for free I don’t use much (if at all) – I don't know for the others, but in my case I find that it tends to induce laziness. This is why I do not hesitate to buy something I’m interested in every time I judge that my money is well spent (recently the Emperor and Necrophagist tab books) and when I feel that the artist is well worth encouraging. I paid for it -> I use it; it's that simple.

(I’m also perfectly aware that we can still get tabs from other sites like Powertabs or RoG; this is just not the point - I'm not whining, I swear ! )
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