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Originally Posted by Infinity
We aren't making money from tabs though, and clearly we aren't stealing it from the bands considering about 10% or less of the bands on this site actually have tab books. I've spoken to many bands I've tabbed through email etc. and they are more than happy to have me make tabs for them.

Thats bullshit. Your point can possibly relate to about half of the thousands of bands hosted on the internet. Can you imagine Vlad Tepes releasing a tab book? Birdflesh? Ulver? December Wolves? Rompeprop? Repulsion? All these bands have dedicated but small underground followings, the money put into tab books would be a complete waste, money time and effort, printing, authoring. And what about bands like Repulsion that have recently seen a surgence of tabs by fans, but are actually defunct? Is the lead singer gonna call up and go "Hey Mike, yeah, it's me, Joey, how's shit been? Yeah sorry I havn't called for 20 years, but wanna release a tab book? Yeah? YEAH? AWESOME!". And what a dumb point to make about if there are tabs what is the point of tab books. People will always buy official merch. People will always make mistakes in tabbing anothers song. If a band is searching the internerd looking for its own tabs and sees a bunch of bullshit or mistake ridden tabs it's not gonna go "Well gee man, looks like our fanbase can't play guitar anyway, we better not release a book!" but it is gonna go "Wow, look how hard they tried, lets get some official tab books happening!" And again only the bigger bands are gonna do that anyway.

I agree with that point 150% and that my intent really wasn't to say that these underground bands would all of a sudden have an outstanding market for tab books. And i see now that i didn't quite word it as well as i had hoped. I think in my original post i said something about it being completely unlikely to exist because of lack of demand. But other bands much more so. Lets say maiden, and so on. Yes they have tab books, but unless you are a "dire hard" fan, or feel like "wasting money" why would you feel the incentive to buy it?

I'm not saying in every case there will be a demand to buy tab books, but in a bunch of the more "high profile" cases it seems naive to think that internet tabs do not prevent sales of tab books.

Also thanks for bringing that point up PST i completely forgot to mention that. About websites having ads and the money that is brought in as a result of that advertisement. Whether profits are made off of "others works" or not, a website still makes money based off its advertisements which it gets from the traffic that is brought to the site for what? "Anothers work"

Regardless of whether or not we are "internet lawyers" or not its still worthy of talking about and developing the idea behind ownership and applying that to many of things that are up to debate. If anything other than providing personal growth and knowledge about various topics.

Anyways back on track.
Yeah pst i thought they could be public domain but you in a way answers exactly what i was trying to get across at the end. Ownership of the materials. What exactly is copyrighted and requires protection and what not about those works? The interpretations and ownerships of varations to those pieces. In otherwords those companies who produce the sheet music for those scores have rights to those VERSIONS that they produce. Therefore seeking royalties and alll benefits from producing it.

Should not the same apply to tabs? After further thinking about it after posting the last time, it definitely appears to me that we should remove ownership of tabs from artists. Because how it is now, thats what it is. Society and even us have basically said the artists "own" (like partytime said) the arrangements of notes, and this is the key behind the change needed. If the artists no longer have ownership over somebodys personal recording of something they have heard (a tab) then there is literally no arguement present and nothing NMPA can do about it. This doesn't apply to mp3s and cds for obvious reasons. The band put forth money and effort to produce something. The act of copying a cd and/or mp3 reproduces something that somebody else produced. If a band didn't produce the tab who says they should have any credit for the tab what so ever?
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