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Hm he replied to me in an hour.
Seriously.. you say it doesn't have enough gain still.. there are generally only one part that may wear out in a preamp: polarized capacitors. Other things may blow due to overheating (opamps, transistors, resistors) or overvoltage (non-polarized capacitors) but that is very unlikely.. plus the effect would be more dramatic in most cases..

Anyway. Symptoms of one or more worn electrolytic (polarized) capacitors:
#1 Lack of gain
#2 Lack of bass/low mids
#3 Very thin tone.

If you have those symptoms (all of them) it might be the issue.. but if you had a respectable repairman look at it I'm sure he would've seen it..

And about your poweramp (on VH-140C) only sounding good on one channel: What's bad? Does the preamp still sound fine on both channels? Thanks!

Edit: Okay the preamp sounds fine.. sorry.

I have the schematic(s) but they're too large to post here.. (>2MB). I'll email them to whoever though.
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