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Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Bach are all in the public domain. It's perfectly fine to pass around transcriptions of their work without getting permission; who would you be getting it from? Just like anybody can publish a copy of a Shakespeare play, or why there are so many TV adaptations of books by long-dead writers.

Anyway, this all requires such a funny interpretation of copyright law that I don't put much stock in it. They're going to get to a point where they have to prove that illegal copies of available materials have been made and distributed for profit, and while the latter is simple (this site has ads which generate revenue), the rest is very difficult, and would necessarily make the following illegal:

'Unlicensed' cover bands (who make money playing songs without permission; of course, if this does happen it would be the best possible result of all this bullshit. Fuck cover bands)
'Unlicensed' live covers (because a calculable portion of the ticket revenue would go to the cover)
Guitar instructors teaching copyrighted songs to students without having a legal copy of its official transcription

But the real big thing for me is that I know of many cases where a lab that developed a certain drug failed to secure the rights to that drug, because they could not prove in court that their discovery would not have been made by other labs working in their usual way. They'll eventually have to prove that tabs are copies of something, and that's not going to be possible. But until that point they're going to intimidate a lot of small sites.
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