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Originally Posted by tmfreak
Sure it adds that extra bit that the person is making money, but aren't those tshirts representing and promoting the band? In turn seeing more shows, cds, and blah blah blah even if they aren't making a direct commission off the tshirt sales?


We aren't making money from tabs though, and clearly we aren't stealing it from the bands considering about 10% or less of the bands on this site actually have tab books. I've spoken to many bands I've tabbed through email etc. and they are more than happy to have me make tabs for them.

Originally Posted by tmfreak
Also John Mansley: Don't you think that if there weren't the compition with tab sites there would be a drastic increase in demand for tab books by artists? Therefore making production of tab books and giving artists more money for their music than they do now. Because of the compition from tab sites (right or wrong) there is little reason for a band to produce tab books, therefore this "is" income to protect, and thats income thats not able to come in on their own material even if they attempted to. If you see the point i'm attempting to derive. A monopoly over the market via free trade of tablatures.

Thats bullshit. Your point can possibly relate to about half of the thousands of bands hosted on the internet. Can you imagine Vlad Tepes releasing a tab book? Birdflesh? Ulver? December Wolves? Rompeprop? Repulsion? All these bands have dedicated but small underground followings, the money put into tab books would be a complete waste, money time and effort, printing, authoring. And what about bands like Repulsion that have recently seen a surgence of tabs by fans, but are actually defunct? Is the lead singer gonna call up and go "Hey Mike, yeah, it's me, Joey, how's shit been? Yeah sorry I havn't called for 20 years, but wanna release a tab book? Yeah? YEAH? AWESOME!". And what a dumb point to make about if there are tabs what is the point of tab books. People will always buy official merch. People will always make mistakes in tabbing anothers song. If a band is searching the internerd looking for its own tabs and sees a bunch of bullshit or mistake ridden tabs it's not gonna go "Well gee man, looks like our fanbase can't play guitar anyway, we better not release a book!" but it is gonna go "Wow, look how hard they tried, lets get some official tab books happening!" And again only the bigger bands are gonna do that anyway.
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