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Originally Posted by Darkenelf
it is so strange that this is illegal...

first, all tabs are not from existing bandmembers...
second, are those tabs not kind of promo material for bands, this way bands got known better... people might buy CDs, go to concerts...
third, all tab text files cannot be heard... so why is it illegal...

there are 100000s of tabsites... why are the tabs in this site closed for public?, (first of all it's metal...almost no-one listens to metal...)

maybe 1% of all music listeners...

It is strange, it's all about money for that organization... that they can get profit, for closing such sites...

very lame

The mpa doesn't make money by closing sites first of all. The probably spend bizzilions of dollars just printing out and mailing cease and dissist letters.
Also regardless of what you feel the indirect effect of tab sites is, is pretty trivial to the fact of the matter. It effects tab book sales and protecting an artists "right" to protect how their material gets reproduced. Also what does former bandmembers have to do with anything? And yes band members HAVE submitted tabs. Nearly all the At the Gates tabs were from one of the guitarists. Also in context to promotion. When did the band say it was ok for you or somebody else to reproduce their music via a bunch of dashes and numbers to promote their music? Its similar to people making knock off tshirts and selling them. Sure it adds that extra bit that the person is making money, but aren't those tshirts representing and promoting the band? In turn seeing more shows, cds, and blah blah blah even if they aren't making a direct commission off the tshirt sales?

Also John Mansley: Don't you think that if there weren't the compition with tab sites there would be a drastic increase in demand for tab books by artists? Therefore making production of tab books and giving artists more money for their music than they do now. Because of the compition from tab sites (right or wrong) there is little reason for a band to produce tab books, therefore this "is" income to protect, and thats income thats not able to come in on their own material even if they attempted to. If you see the point i'm attempting to derive. A monopoly over the market via free trade of tablatures.

I'd say money is only a side product of copyright protection. Its literally what it says. Copying protection. Its preventing a person from outside of the bands control from reproducing and disseminating "their" material without their knowledge and consent. Hell its almost not even up to the band either, more like Labels in which the music was originally produced on.

Also why is it somehow better to protect "classical" and "baroque" composers music than to protect another bands music? This is just a question posed to stir up thoughts. Is it somehow fundamentally ok to ear tab and hand out copies of other bands music where as doing that for say Vivaldi, Bach, or Beethoven's music is not?

It appears to me that no matter how "logical" one attempts to break it down thats almost never going to solve a case like this or even produce much ground work. If one wants to one could break down the entire "process" and it would appear to be just a bunch of fucking ascii "art" that just happens to mean something in combination with guitar/bass/drums.

The only real way i can see to attack this by some sort of court decision deciding that the transcripition of ear translation to notes is free domain. That the combination of notes even if its from a song produced by a band is free domain to the public. Which, it probably should be. This would remove all bullshit "copyright" stuff people put on tabs, which shouldn't even be there anyway. Nobody gave anybody (for the most part) the right to put that nonsense on there as it is.

Just a simple statement or understanding that this happens to be "similar" to a bands work and that YOU, YOURSELF produced and wrote the tab.
Originally Posted by Darko
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