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Originally Posted by guitar_demon
say you have to melodies A and B
A can start off with some quick licks 16 note arpeggios or whatever, and B can be hanging back a bit playing some qrter or just half notes to take less attention from it without killing it completly. a decent rule is if one gets crazy or does somethign you want people to noticed the other(s) should be less intense not to say that you cant do that a speedy run where people catch up a bar late (think row row row your boat, where each kid joins in after the first two bars)

Ah yes, a Canon (Row row row your boat)

But for the melodies, do they have to follow a chord progression? I've sat down and analyzed some contropuntal pieces, and they were created around chords. When writing counterpoint, would it be wise to follow a circle of fifths progression? Or just choose any random chords? Should I write melody A first, then have melody B somewhat follow it? Or should I just write two melodies and hope they blend together?
Db Dim 7 b9
So that would be...Db Fb Abb Cbb Ebb.
Fuckin' crazy...
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