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What angers me the most about this is the moronic assumption that in a world where nothing was free wed really have BOUGHT a book for EVERY freaking tab that we used from this site (not even mentioning the fact that here we can pick specific songs the ones we really want to learn). Hey, I support the bands I like just like everybody else here, but Im not Bill Gates : I can only devote so much to CDs, concerts, instruments/equipment and tab books (I have 25 of them - EXCLUDING classical scores - and I think thats a lot considering that I've now become pretty good at tabbing songs )

Besides that, Im very puzzled as to how playing songs that you learned without an official tab book hurts the bands. I cant recall how many times I played a song to non-metalheads who thought metal sucked, but who started to like it because now it was played live in front of them and yes, who since became metal fans, bought CDs, went to concerts, etc. Im talking about my guitar students here mostly, but it also happened quite a few times when I was in high school. Not only its not hurting the bands in any way, its free promotion ! Sorry, but it doesn't hurt the bands, it's only a blow to those who're trying to benefit from them and aren't good enough at commerce (it would have hurt composers in Beethoven's time, but this is just not true anymore).

To sell your product, its simple, you have to make it more appealing than the competition (and not just appear more appealing); the newspapers have the same problem nowadays with blogs. One day the media giants will have to realize that their product stinks, if only because they are ordering us to buy it after theyve crushed the competition.
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