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Originally Posted by JOAMdude
i called the gyu who would repair it and he told me hat noting was wrong with it when he tore it apart
he said that also the EQ was before the distortion and that the Dist. wasn't shaped by the EQ's but that the EQ's just chose where the DIst. went

AAAAARRRGHHHH! He said it was in perfect condition.
ill try to play it really loud today and see if it is good at loud volumes

Stab him in the throat, he's lying.

I'm sitting here with the schematics for the VH-140C... It's not the SS but listen.

Signal path is like this:
First comes a small gain stage for channel A/B shared, then (for channel A, which is high-gain) two stages of gain, and then comes the gain pot. After that there's an active EQ, first comes mid, then treble, then bass, and after that is the channel vol. control, and the signal is being passed from there to the FX loop.

Block diagram of signal:

Input->Shared gain stage->Two gain stages specific to channel A->Mid active EQ band->High active EQ band->Low active EQ band->Vol control->FX Loop.

To tell you the truth, these amps are constructed very, very similarly. The VH adds "variable harmonics" to the SS series, nothing more. Feels a little less tight, more responsive, a little "saggy".. A little more like a tube amp, that is. Differences are mostly in the power section. Tone is by all means nearly the same, I've A/B tested them.

E-mail and tell him about your problem and tell him you need a schematic, he'll get back to you in a matter of hours. He doesn't say much but does what he's asked. Then try finding someone who's not bullshitting you to fix the amp, any local electronics repair shop will do (music stores are mostly owned / ran by complete morons and/or frauds).
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