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Here's some advice, do not go onto this forum. Although apparently you've searched the forums and found nothing on "where to get started," there have actually been countless. And from reading through these countless threads, you'll eventually make the wrong choice.
Let me explain. A lot of people on this forum learned by tabs, which is alright, i've seen really good guitarists that learn from tabs, but, i've seen more terrible guitarists. So in that sence, taking opinions such as "think i started playing UBER simple metallica stuff like the begining of enter sandman and shit" and "learning scales that you will never use is a waste of time," is a terrible idea.
Learning to play simple metallica will hardly help you play guitar, it will surely annoy the people around you when you try to show off. And how would a begginer guitarist know which scales he will never use?
Let me further com...explain with an example. There are mixed opinons. One person says learn chords first, other says learn scales. How will you know which one is right?
I digress. What i'm basically trying to say is: Talk to an experienced guitarist that you know, and have heard play face to face. It makes it a lot easier to trust him/her when you know they play well. My personal opinion is that you may be too old to learn notes, its like learning a new language. That could get frusturating and you could give up. Tabs would not be an entirily bad idea, but you arent going to become an amazing accomplished musician with them.
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