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Cannibal Corpse - Vile (Re-release)

Cannibal Corpse - Vile (Re-release)
Metal Blade

file under Death metal

Menno: This year the American Metal Blade label will celebrate its 25th anniversary and has therefore decided to re-release some of the most successful albums in its history. The almighty 'Vile' from the same mighty Cannibal Corpse is up first; this CD will be packaged in a nice sleeve and extended with no less than eighteen live DVD tracks. All this will see the light of day in June of this year. Somewhere in our extensive archive a nostalgic story concerning the music of 'Vile' can be found so the only thing left for me to say is that the entire record has been remastered and thus fits the present-day demands.

Sadly this can not be said for the DVD-part of the package; when inserted in your DVD slot a text appears warning the viewers that the video material does not quite meet up with those demands. The band gives the enormous intensity of the chosen shows as the reason. I wouldn't dare doubt that these shows were intensive; the band plays its ass off and the crowd goes mad with moshpits and crowdsurfing. The only problem is that this intensity is very hard to bring to the viewers when it's shot with handycam-bootleg quality (unless you're completely hammered of course)

Fact is that this package is utterly brutal and it's something Cannibal Corpse and Metal Blade can be proud of. The audio part of course is pure genius but I think it's a shame that there is so little effort put in the video material. My guess is that Metal Blade had some material lying around in their archives and used those to keep the costs down in stead of giving the fans something they should expect in 2007. Nevertheless, anyone who's into Cannibal Corpse or just death metal in general should have no doubt when they find this lying around in the shelves.

Tracklist CD:
Devoured By Vermin
Mummified In Barbed Wire
Perverse Suffering
Puncture Wound Massacre
Relentless Beating
Absolute Hatred
Eaten From Inside

Tracklist DVD:
Perverse Suffering
Stripped, Raped And Strangled
Covered With Sores
Addicted To Vaginal Skin
Force Fed Broken Glass
Fucked With A Knife
Shredded Humans
Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
A Skull Full Of Maggots
Devoured By Vermin
Hammer Smashed Face
Puncture Wound Massacre
Mummified In Barbwire
Orgasm Through Torture

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